Sunday, 9 March 2014

12 things parent should know about parenting

The concept of family is old as mankind itself , and parenting is something which is not based to religion customs and society, races but an art to teach and groom your generations to be productive to this society but sometimes the irresponsibility or even lack of interest can lead to disastrous upbringing of the child  this effect his/her  future, health, mentality even his way of life but some basics things should be kept in mind to avoid such problems.

 Teenage is a very sensitive and delicate age as the child has matures he has rebellious tendencies, anger management issues, sometimes periods of depression and anxiety. Things may not work out they way they should in these situations parents should be there to support them because to climb the stairs of success they need all the support they can get help him to build confidence in himself and his abilities .

Education and Career
It is sole responsibility of parents to give best possible education to the children. Help them in an choosing the right career don’t force or pressurize them with your own choices let them make the choices though it may not seem right at the moment but at a time you will not regret this. Good education will ensure good career and bright future.

Teenage stage is most venerable to bad habits it is the responsibility of the parent to keep him away from wrong society drugs or alcohol

Discipline is the key to success what most teens lack discipline even with hard work discipline is necessary to get the thing done. Help them set proper routines tell them to do everything on time and finish what they start.

Give them small responsibilities to make them trust their abilities and develop confidence show them that life is not a joy ride. 

Lack of communication is the major cause of tension in the household parents ought to have proper conversations with their teenagers about their social, college and personal life.

Parent should have a strong bond with their children based on mutual understanding and trust .Parents might not be always right .Let them know you have best of intentions for them always be there for the support .

Anger Management
Teenagers have big issue of anger management they feel like they own the world nobody is there to stop them to do what they want in these situation consider their opinion and act according to the situation warn them about the consequences you what is best for them but no sticks and stones try to maintain peace and harmony in your relation don’t over think and react quickly. 

Growing up is common to see sibling rivalry never let them feel someone is getting special treatment. Spend equal time with each of them this helps develop a bond between you and them. 

Growing up a lot of teens abandon the idea of eating healthy they rely on energy drinks and junk food being a parent it’s a responsibility to keep a eye on them let them know what is not good for them.

Don’t let them become book worms keep a track of their activities if they are not doing much extracurricular plan camping and outing trips with them just don’t let them live in box it won’t do any harm to play sports and spend some quality time. At the same time too much extracurricular is not good there should be a balance.

Teenagers need their space don’t be hard on them let them do things they want to do if they want to go out with their friends for a music concert or a party let them go this helps develops a trust between each other but do warn them not to break this trust or else the consequences will be severe. But too much freedom is not good do limit their activity when you feel something is not right.

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